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VIVI® brings life to living by offering our patented Whole Person, Whole Life, and Whole Community approach to our Healthcare and well-being.

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Fundamental Truths

With all of the advances in technology, our current healthcare system has failed to effectively capture and analyze the data needed to treat patients dealing more effectively with brain health issues.

VIVI® offers a pathway beyond the limitations of modern medicine to address the entire body and mind — throughout our lives and throughout our communities.

"Whole Person, Whole Life, and Whole Community"

We leverage technology to capture and normalize data, allowing us to address each individual’s unique needs more effectively, creating a more innovative Ecosystem that works to advance the body’s natural path of repair and balance. From cell to system, and from emotional to spiritual - VIVI® exits to inform choices, nurture relationships, and present positive paths within a forum of human dignity, support, and personal responsibility.

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Belief and Offering


VIVI® has partnered with CereHealth, integrating the iLLUME Ai data solution into the patented VIVI® process for diagnosing and treating brain health issues. This ability to aggregate and normalize data across all sources provides the ability to diagnose, treat, heal, and nurture the human body and spirit over a lifetime more effectively. Where today’s healthcare providers are focused on just the symptoms, VIVI is using data to reverse engineer patient data, compare and contrast for better analysis, and more effectively predict and treat patients.

VIVI® is an ever-expanding constellation of multidisciplinary knowledge, experience, and belief that advances our ability to diagnose, treat, heal, and, nurture the human body and spirit over a lifetime.

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    VIVI® is a transformative dialogue between nature, science, technology, patients, practitioners, and the communities that support us — and benefit from the soundness of our bodies and minds.

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    VIVI® digs to the root of our physical and emotional injury, disease, or struggle by asking better questions, advanced diagnostics, and authentic human connection that results in better treatments, outcomes, and enduring care.

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    We see the big-picture and look for that which cannot be seen — all the while separating effect from cause and symptom from source — to support healing, promote balance, and empower individuals, families, and populations with empathy, equity, and sincerity.

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    Whether we are listening to our bodies, tapping into a body of knowledge shared over millennia, or zooming in the with most advanced diagnostic tools the world has ever known — VIVI® promotes an open dialogue between old and new, known and unknown, natural and manmade to ensure we live longer, better, happier.

People and Pathways


VIVI® sees everyone — for who they are, where they come from, and how they live. From military veterans, first responders, athletes and assault victims coping with traumatic brain injury and PTSD — to teens and elders facing substance dependency or system-wide inflammations caused by injury, disease, diet or environmental issues.

VIVI® believes that everything is connected, stomach and brain, individual and community, nature and technology. Ours is an ecosystem of traditional cures, revealing diagnostics, groundbreaking treatments, and natural-born healing practices from nutrition and cryotherapy, to intensive massage and meditation.

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VIVI® Brings Living to Life

Emotional Support

Individual & group guidance

Nutritional & Substance Dependency

Counseling healthy food options & abstinence with alcohol and drugs

Physical & Sensory

Intensive massage, cryotherapy & acupuncture, mediation, and yoga

Family & Community

Group activities and structure providing the support both an individual and family needs in addressing these health challenges

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Diagnostics, Treatment, and Care

VIVI® advances a wholistic approach to the health and well-being. Founded on a complementary balance of traditional medicine and allopathic practice — VIVI® offers an interdisciplinary, multidimensional ecosystem of transformative diagnostics, treatments, and behavioral modeling to address the root of our problems, the core of our being, and the responsibility we have to ourselves and others.

VIVI® diagnostics and testing is more than state-of-the-art equipment — more than interpreting numbers and norms. VIVI® is about reading the emotional state of our patients and their family members, showing pathways, and serving the individuals and families we are entrusted to guide and care.

Beyond orthodoxy and within nature, we unmask cause and eliminate that which impedes our healing, diverts our focus, or diminishes our ability to be all that we want to be - ourselves.

  1. QSPECT® 3D Brain Scans - a 3D imaging technology can see what traditional imaging like MRI’s often miss.

  2. WAVI® EEG - a multifaceted brain assessment tool ideal for tracking brain-state changes and performance.

  3. Comprehensive Blood Work – bloodwork will provide the specific markets and overall understanding of the pre-treatment health including the impact of their diet and gut health.

  4. Understanding of the pre-treatment health including the impact of gut health.

  5. Understanding of the pre-treatment health including the impact of diet.

  6. Pre-Treatment Report – a comprehensive overview of the testing that will inform treatment and comparative post-treatment results.

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Our Founder

Jeff Haugland is a United States veteran and former US Army Bomb Technician and Trainer who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan wars and sustained multiple injuries in the line of duty.

Upon diagnosis and obtaining the understanding of the condition, he became a student of Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis and Treatment seeking world class procedures and treatments. This expanded into a drive of Jeff’s to help others from suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress stemming from his own experience, and was the motivation behind creating Invictus Project, and non-profit center. Under the name VIVI, Jeff has partnered with the Hemp Alliance Group for the financial planning, marketing, and acceleration of the clinical business model.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the way we treat ourselves, our families, and our communities by investing in ever-expanding ecosystem of healthcare knowledge, practice, and exploration that supports our bodies natural path to healing and balance through the promotion of a Whole Person, Whole Life, and Whole Community approach to Health and Wellbeing. In doing so, we look to heal beyond pain, live beyond hope, and realize that the vision of our better selves is found with the positive relationships we recognize in nature, and nurture in our daily lives, and promote within our society.

"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members."

- Mahatma Gandhi


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